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This blog is specially dedicated to the beginners of affiliate business – it gives you tips and knowledge on how to start and run an Affiliate Marketing Business (from hereafter it is called Affiliate Business to avoid confusion). If you intend to become a successful affiliate marketer by making money online, this is a place for you! It provides you all the essential affiliate marketing tools, resources, tips, tactics and strategies for beginners in one place. The main objective is to give you a holistic view of running an affiliate business and save you the troubles of scrambling around the web for information to start an affiliate business. Most importantly, it acts as a road map that help you to stay focus on path and reach your destination quicker.

I remember when I first started on affiliate marketing programs, there were not little information but incredibly overwhelming, confusing and conflicting information that were hard to focus, digest and follow. There was no one single place that offer a high level and complete view of what affiliate business is about and how to run it successfully. There were many over-hype products and courses that caused more confusion than enlightenment to new affiliate marketers.

As a newbie, there were too many unanswered questions and some of them included the following.

1. What is affiliate marketing?
2. Can it be developed into full-time business?
3. Can we really earn a living being an affiliate marketer?
4. What are the risks involved?
5. Is there any prospect being an affiliate marketer?
6. How do I get started in affiliate marketing business?
7. How long will it takes to start earning online?
8. Can affiliate marketing business replace my day/full-time job?
9. How and what tools to use to build an affiliate site?

I’ve wasted a lot of times researching to get things sorted out and answered. The answer I found is that it is possible to earn a living being an affiliate marketer but you need patience and time. It is possible to make it a day job but you need to get the fundamental right. In other word, you need to learn the science as well as the art of running affiliate business, once you have mastered the formula of starting an affiliate business, you can then use your creativity to bring it to the next new level. That is the whole objective of this blog; it is to become a handy affiliate marketing guide to all new affiliate marketers. It gives you an overview of what affiliate business is about and then zoom into the nitty gritty details such as the tools used, tips, tactics and techniques involved.

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