Different Type of Blog Headers Used in Affiliate Marketing Blogs

In my previous blog, I’ve briefly mentioned the difference between logo, header and banner. In this post, I’m going to highlight the different type of blog headers used in affiliate marketing business as many new affiliate marketers either have no ideas on how their blog headers should look like or what to get for their headers. A good header helps to set the overall mood and perception of your blog and it is the first thing that visitors set their eyes on when they visit your blog so it is worth to spend some time understanding the different type of blog headers.

Guideline for Blog Header

Before you plan to get a header, here are some basic guidelines you need to know.

  1. Who are your target visitors?
    The profile of your target visitors will determine the style and color of your header. Generally, younger visitors will prefer brighter colors and upbeat design while older visitors prefer sober colors and conservative design.
  2. Is your blog gender specific?
    If your blog is more oriented to female visitors, you can choose to have a more elegant and feminine header while a male-oriented blogs can have a masculine header.
  3. Which niche market are you in?
    The type of niche market also determines the style of your header for example if your blog is about kids’ parties and games, it can be more illustrative in style and fun. However, if your blog is about investing and financial advice, using loud colors will only turn your visitors away.

Different Type of Blog Headers

To illustrate the different type of blog headers normally used in affiliate marketing blogs, let’s use a popular dog niche market. In this example, the full space of the header will be utilized for the design. If you plan to place an advertisement banner on the header then remember to leave enough space on its right hand side.

Header 1: Fancy Text Logo with Solid/Gradient/Pattern Background
Fancy Text Logo with solid/gradient/pattern background

Header 2: Fancy Text Logo with Illustrative Pictures
Fancy Text Logo with Illustrative Pictures

Header 3: Fancy Text Logo with Photograph Background
Fancy Text Logo with Photograph Background

Header 4: Picture Logo with Solid/Gradient/Pattern Background
Picture Logo with solid/gradient/pattern background

Header 5: Picture Logo with Illustrative Pictures
Picture Logo with Illustrative Pictures

Header 6: Picture Logo with Photograph Background
Picture Logo with Photograph background

Disclaimer: The above headers are copyrighted to AffiliateThinkTank.com, please do not download, save or copy.


Hopefully, after looking at the above different type of headers, it gives you a better idea on what you can expect of a blog header and how it should look like. The above categorization should not be regarded as the hard and fast rule of creating a blog header, it really depend on your creativity to create an effective blog header.

An unique blog header will enhance your blog image and identity but unfortunately, not many new affiliate marketers know it or do it well, they either simply choose just to type in a text logo or used low quality images for their blog headers. In the competitive affiliate marketing world, everybody is trying very hard to stand out from the rest so getting a professional blog header will at least give you an edge out.

If you have question on blog header, post your question in the comment box below or if you need help in creating a blog header, you can contact me for assistance.


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