In the past, AffilitateThinkTank.com has problem finding a central place where all the affiliate marketing information can be located. All the information are widely dispersed over the web so it could be quite time-consuming looking for specific product or service. So for the conveniences of all affiliate marketers, it has decided to add an affiliate marketing directory listing to its website.

The primary objective is to allow affiliate marketers to list their products, services and activities in the directory so that others affiliate marketers are aware of the latest happenings in the industry. In addition, it will be also a convenient place for all affiliate marketing business owners as you can find the necessary resources like affiliate marketing tools, trainings, webninars, products and services to grow your businesses online.

It is hoped that the affiliate marketing directory will become a great and reliable resources for all affiliate marketers. If you have any products and services regarding affiliate or internet marketing, you are welcome to add it to the directory. The basic listing is free of charge but if you want special feature or more exposure for your products or services, you are welcome to opt for paid listing. With paid listing, you can advertise your products and services in more categories and the premium listing will be featured in the homepage.

Currently, the affiliate marketing directory is organized into 20 categories. They are based on the common affiliate marketing topics, if you find that certain categories should be there but is not available, you can welcome to contact us and we are happy to add it in if we find it relevant.

If you have any suggestion or ideas on how to make the affiliate marketing directory better, please let us know. We will strive to make this directory useful to all affiliate marketers.