Full Description

AffiloBlueprint is a training course on affiliate marketing and catered for people who want to make income online but have zero knowledge in affiliate marketing. The course is developed by a successful affiliate marketer – Mark Ling who is the founder of Affilorama in New Zealand. Mark Ling was a pizza delivery boy before he found success in affiliate marketing and made million of dollars from it online. He wanted to share his experience on how he did it and that was how AffiloBlueprint was born.

Top Features of the Course:

  1. It has 55 step-by-step video lessons.
  2. Show you the process of building a profitable affiliate site, starting from market research, choosing a good niche, SEO, PPC and monetizing the site.
  3. Troubleshooting lessons teach you to identify problems of your under performance site and ways to fix it.
  4. Free custom designed wordpress template that help you to kickoff your site quick.
  5. One month free access to Affilorama Premium product including tools, online magazine and series of interview with internet millionaire.
  6. Tactics to create profitable newsletter and how to monetize it.
  7. Lessons on using analytics and website statistics to track progress of your site.
  8. Use of Pay per click (PPC) to maximize profit but minimize cost.
  9. Videos on covert affiliate strategies to bring your earning to next level.

AffiloBlueprint offers a 60 day full refund if you are not satisfied with the course. However, if you are happy with the course, you may want to consider upgrade to its premium version. The premium version allows you to access its private member forum for 2 years.

If you are interested to make money online, get yourself educated and learn the strategies that Mark had used, you won’t regret for the amount and time invested.


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