• Scarcity Samurai

    Scarcity Samurai

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    Scarcity Samurai is one of the latest products developed by Market Samurai. It is actually a WordPress plugin that set a countdown timer to your promotional campaign. The reason is to prompt the customers to take action fast before the promotion runs out. They can see the countdown date and time whenever they return to the promotion page so create urgency to response fast.
  • Typecase


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    If you want to break the monotony of your fonts for your blog but do not want to go to the extent of tweaking the scripts, Typecase can make your job easier! It is a convenient plugin developed by which can be installed into your blog and serve as a live font editor.
  • Backup Buddy

    Backup Buddy

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    Backup Buddy is considered one of the most indispensable tools if you are a wordpress site owner. It is a wordpress plugin developed by iThemes and it is one of the best sellers among its other awesome products. Backup Buddy provides a one-stop solutions for maintaining a wordpress site, it provides auto backup of the site and is able to restore tge site using a single script file. It is an excellent tool for migrating test site to real site.
  • ACME Feedback

    ACME Feedback

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    The ACME Feedback is a WordPress plugin aims to capture your visitors’ feedback before they leave your site. The plugin is not only used to create a mini survey but also used as a pop-up to display video, popular posts, opt-in form and even display affiliate banner to increase your revenue.
  • Easyazon


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    If you have used the free blog – blogger before, you would notice there was a very cool feature where you could find Amazon product by keyword and insert Amazon link easily into your posts. Unfortunately, this cool feature is no longer available in blogger now but there is a similar product available in the market as a WordPress plugin. It is called Easyazon by the Chris Guthrie.
  • Optinskin


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    If you are looking for an effective way to increase your subscription rate, you will be interested in Optinskin. It is a premium wordpress plugin developed by Glen Allsopp that allows you to add in a opt-in box to your blog easily. You might be wondering isn’t the opt-in form offered by your email marketing vendor is adequate enough to do the job but Optinskin offers more than that.