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Easy Video Player

Full Description

Easy Video Player is developed by Josh Bartlett and his team. It is a software that facilitates video uploading, list building, lead capturing and sales page creation.  If you are uploading your videos to Amazon S3, Easy Video Player makes it a breeze for you without involving the technicalities part of it.

One of the powerful features of Easy Video Player is the ability to add “BUY NOW” buttons and Opt-in Forms into your videos.  Your visitors are immediately directed to a sales page or any other pages of your choice while watching your video. It even allows you to spit test your video so that you know which video works best for you. You can also see a detailed report on your video marketing activity on the dashboard such as which video is the most watched, which video abandon frequently and where are the traffic comes from.

In addition, Easy Video Player has a feature that prevents people from stealing your videos. You can set a watermark on your video or allows users to enter passwords first before watching it.

If you are creating a lot of videos for your site, you may not want to miss out this valuable tool to expedite your video creation process. When purchasing the Easy Video Player, you are given an option to upgrade to commercial license, this will remove the company logo from all your videos and you can use the commercial license to develop as many videos for your clients without additional costs.

Price:  $127 (Easy Video Player Software) + $77 (Commercial license)

Refund: 60-day money back guarantee


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