Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

Full Description

Traffic Travis is one of the Affilorama’s products and was initially built for the owner – Mark Ling for private use but later was adopted by his team and soon it was released as a product to the public. The Traffic Travis is a SEO and PPC software and consists of few modules such as On-Page SEO Advisor, Keyword and Domain Analysis, Search Analysis Tool and Pay Per Click Spy Tools. These modules and tools are aimed to optimize your site and get more traffic, it also allows you to check and understand your competitors’ ranking.

Traffic Travis got a good review from CNET’s editors and has been the most popular downloadable software in CNET. If you are interested on how it works, you are welcome to download a free copy and try out free for 30 days.

Price: $97 for the first month

$67 for the subsequent months
Refund: 60-Day money back guarantee



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