Do You need a Logo for Affiliate Marketing Website?

Many affiliate marketing newbies are uncertain whether they need a logo for their websites. In fact, most of them did not even other to get a logo as they are often either overwhelmed by the amount of works when they started or too enthusiastic to make sales quickly that they often overlooked.

It is not easy to find a nice logo for most affiliate marketing websites. The common practice is most of the affiliate marketers just typed out their domain names or their own names as their logos, see below example.


There is nothing wrong to have a simple text as a logo but in order to stand out in the competitive affiliate market; you need to have a unique and eye-catching logo. A simple text logo tends to give an amateurish and less credible feeling so if you want success in doing affiliate marketing, you should consider getting one.

What can a Logo Do?

A unique logo will provide great visual identity to your website and at the same time helps to establish identity in social media networks. A logo must be consistent so that when it appears in your website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it will help your readers to easily identify and find you. However, a logo is just a graphical representation; it is cold and lifeless so you have to instill personality to your website. In other words, try to humanize it and your potential customers could feel the personality when they interact with it. You can try a few websites and see how you feel when you interact with them. Are they friendly and warm? Or they are rigid and cold?

What Make a Good & Effective Logo?

A good logo must be S.M.A.R.T! A good and smart logo should include the following attributes to make it an effective logo.

      1. Scalable

        The end logo should be scalable and visible in all media. There should be no lost of quality when the logo is produced in any media especially when it is enlarged or reduced. It should be visible when printed in large media e.g. bill board as well as in smaller media like mobile phone.

      2. Memorable

        A memorable logo does not necessary has to be a complicated logo. In fact, it should as simple as possible like MacDonald logo and Nike logo which is easy to remember and instantly recognizable. Try to avoid adding intricate details or photo in your logo as it only complicate the production process. A good example is Starbucks logo; it has evolved from a complicated detailed logo to simplified one-color logo for easier production on its merchandises.

      3. Adaptable

        The logo must be adaptable across all media to maintain its consistency. The color and shape must remain truthful when it is produced in printed materials, online media or even on promotional merchandise. Some logos that look good on screen or paper but may be hard to reproduced in T-shirt. In addition, it should look visible in black and white version when printed in newspaper or in fax.

      4. Relevant

        Your logo must be relevant to your market and target customers. If you are in adult fitness industry, the logo should not look like it is for dog training industry. The style, color scheme and typeface play an important part to determine the desired logo so do enough research to get an idea of the style of logo you want.

      5. Timeless

        An effective logo must be timeless and withstand the test of time. It should not be designed based on latest design trend or design techniques. If you want your logo to increase it brand equity in time, aims for longevity in your logo.


Once you see the value of the logo, try to get a professional help to design your logo. A cheap logo gives a wrong perception of you and your business. People only buy from those they trust and look credible so prepare to invest a little to earn more.

How you feel about getting a logo for your affiliate marketing website? Do you think it is worth the money? Please share it in comment area below.

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