Examples of Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites – Part 1

If you are new to affiliate marketing and plan to set up an affiliate marketing niche website, you might be enthusiastic to see some in-action affiliate niche websites that are generating traffic and making money already. In fact, the best way for new affiliate marketers to learn is to study the strategies and tactics that these affiliate niche website owners are using and at the same time, learn from their mistakes and avoid them.

In short, if you are a new affiliate marketer, the fastest way to pick up and running is to learn from the super affiliates or established affiliate marketing gurus. It will give you an overview of what is involved and how it is being done. For example, you can see which niche they have chosen, the format of the niche website, what kind of content they have written and what affiliate programs that they have chosen. Most importantly, you would like to invest some time studying what kind of promotion strategies they have used and generated sales. This might not be easy but still is doable.

Below is a list of examples of affiliate marketing niche websites, they are not the usual money-making niche sites you normally see but rather from different industries and niche markets. Take your time to go through and you might be able to pick up some great ideas from these niche websites.

#1. 101Date.com

About the Site:
A niche website that gives a balanced view of Internet Dating. It reviews and listed only those internet dating services websites that are considered superior and trustworthy by the website owner. The website also developed guide to internet dating safety, dating advice and attraction tactics which are useful for those who are new to internet dating.

This website is owned by Rosalind Gardner. If you are in the affiliate marketing industry, you should know her otherwise you will be missing a lot of great tips from her. She is a Super Affiliate and her book “Super Affiliate Handbook” is considered a must-have bible for every new affiliate marketers.

Rosalind has chosen a very competitive niche – internet dating and she started her niche site in the year of 1997. She managed to grow her newsletter subscription list from 0 to 70,000+ in early 2002 which is amazing achievement for such a competitive niche site.

#2. Roasmsters.com

About the Site:
This is another niche website owned by Rosalind Gardner. It is a traveling site where Rosalind recorded her traveling trips, views and experiences of the countries she had visited. The site was said to move to another of Rosalind’s blog now so you will not find much update in this site now. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent niche site to study and model as you can see how she categorized the content and the way she presented the affiliate products.

Traveling is a lucrative industry and it offers extensive variety of affiliate products that almost no other industries can match. Its affiliate products include traveling accessories, maps, magazine, books, bags, clothing, photography equipments, personal care, airline booking, traveling electrical appliances and more. With such a great list of affiliate products available, you can see the huge potential in traveling niche. Therefore, if you like traveling, you may like to tap into this profitable affiliate niche but you need to put into extra effort to make it stand out because of the competition you will face.

#3. Car Insurance Quoter

About the Site:
The website aims to be the best car insurance quote comparison resource on the internet. They have partnered with the top USA car insurance quote providers so that it can offer its visitors the best information they need before purchasing a car insurance.

Insurance affiliate products normally pay by leads but there are other also offer sales. The leads one refers can earn from $1-$25 which may based on performance incentive. In other words, the more leads you can refer to the merchant, the higher is the commission.

The #4. Car Insurance Quoter did their affiliate niche site very differently from other niche sites. They came up with an innovative way of generating leads and direct traffic to the merchant sites by creating a service around the affiliate products. It breaks away the norm that a niche site is not necessary has to be restricted to writing content, reviewing products and adding a blog. By offering a comparison services that could help consumers save time and troubles is equally an excellent way of selling affiliate products.

#5. My Energy Pal

About the Site:
The owner of this website – Ed Szajniak was formerly a Lead Technical Trainer for Direct Energy Essential Home Services and now a home energy consultant and energy auditor. He started the niche website to share home energy saving tips and at the same time help to save one’s money.

Energy saving and conservation is the trend to go as we are facing energy crisis sooner than we expected. This website leverages on the emerging trend and offer great energy-saving tips to those who are concerned about energy saving and the environment. Unlike the above affiliate niche websites, this website focuses more on physical affiliate products, it gives review and comparison on the affiliate products and allows readers to benefit from the website owner’s advices.

If you are one of the green supporters and concerned about energy conservation, you can do your part by modeling what Ed’s has done. Since it is a growing trend in future, it is one of the lucrative niches that new affiliate marketers should not ignore.


All of the above affiliate marketing niche sites are informational and instructional niche sites which share one common characteristic – they offer helpful advices and information to visitors so that they can make informed decision before purchasing.

Most of the niche sites are tightly focused on single niche which is a good strategy because it facilitates keywords targeting and site building. A targeted niche site is easier to manage and grow than a broad niche site and enjoy faster return than a broad niche site too. This is one key point that new affiliate marketers must keep in mind.

If you have come across any interesting affiliate niche sites or you have one, please share it in the comment below. There will be more examples of niche sites given in future so if you are not in my mailing list, please sign up today so that you won’t miss out any updates.

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