Examples of Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites – Part 2

This is the second part of showing new affiliate marketers some great examples of affiliate marketing niche websites/sites, if you have not read the first part, you can read it here. In this second part, it will feature one of the hottest and popular affiliate marketing niches – health. This niche is, however, very broad so it is often sub-divided into several smaller niches like weight loss, body detox, diet, herbal drinks, stress management, acne management, medicine, drugs and remedies to attract more targeted customers and sales.

As we now are going through the festive periods where a lot of merry making and gourmet foods are consumed, it is good time to detox and cleanse our body to get rid of unnecessary waste and toxic. So in this post, we will focus just on one niche – body detox.

In this post, 3 niche sites are selected as the sample affiliate marketing websites as they fulfilled the criteria below:

  • First, they have relatively high search volume but relatively low competition.
  • They used keywords that are relevant and bring targeted customers to their websites.
  • In short, all these websites used keywords that bring good traffic and can convert well.

All the above information is easy available by using a powerful affiliate tool called Market Sumarai. From the research given by Market Sumarai, all of these websites used the keywords “3 day detox” as their primary keywords. You can see how competitive these keywords when most of them used it as part of their domain names.

#1.  www.3day-detox.com

This site is simple and clean in term of design. It utilizes a lot of natural, delicious and refreshing images which may help to give a feeling that body detoxification process can be fun and enjoyable. All the major categories are listed on its navigation, making it easy to navigate and find information. It contains wealth of information beyond 3-day detox information, programs and products. It also covers colon cleansing detox, whole body cleanse, detox diet recipe and nutrition. All these add up, making it a holistic website for body detoxification.

Its monetization strategy focuses on selling affiliate health care products, Adsense plus having an Amazon e-commerce store front selling

It is well optimized for its keywords and is found in the first page of Google but unfortunately, it lacks social media interface that allow its readers to promote and share its site content with others. In addition, it has no email sign-up form to capture the emails from its visitors which miss the chance to build up its mailing list.

#2. www.3-daydetox.com

I got this site from Market Sumarai as it is listed one of the top 10 competitive niche sites for the keyword “3daydetox”. Anyway, this site is a sales minisite and not a normal blog-based affiliate marketing niche site. It is highly focuses on selling one product than offering several affiliate products. This niche site has done its SEO very well, it is well optimized for its primary and secondary keywords such as “3daydetox”, “diet pill”, “detox diet” and “day detox”.

If you have noticed, some of its home page content is the duplication of the content from its sub-sections under “Ingredients” and “Testimonials”. Just in case, you might think it has violated Google duplicate content rules but actually, it has not! If you want to know more about this rule, you can check it at Google Webmaster Central Blog.

#3. 3DayDetoxhq.com

Unlike the above two niche sites, this site has the most complete features normally found in an affiliate marketing niche website. It has a logo, header, fresh content, social media sharing interface and email sign-up box.

Like the first example of the affiliate site above, its main purpose is to sell affiliate products but add value to its visitors by giving away free information. Personally, I find the information is too generic and I think the information given by www.3dau-detox.com is a lot more useful and valuable.

However, it follows strictly what a successful affiliate niche website need to do. It is well optimized for its keywords and has been actively promoting it since its launch. The site just started on the month of August but has been aggressively building its backlinks to try to achieve the first top 10 rankings in Google search engine. It has managed to achieve the first spot after merely of 2 months and earned its first dollar as well. To date, it has already achieved 421 backlinks according to Market Sumari.

Besides the normal monetization strategies like Google Adsense and normal affiliate products, it has incorporated Amazon book widget at the end of each post. This will definitely help to open up another revenue opportunity for the site.


How do you find the above example niche sites? Have you learned something from them? Do you prefer posts that highlight several example niche sites or a comparison of few same niche sites?

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below so that I can know which style is better in future posts.

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