Examples of Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites – Part 3

This is the third part of showing some sample affiliate marketing websites from different hot niche markets that you can learn from. If you have not read the first and second part, click on the links to read more. You can see that affiliate marketing websites or blogs can come in different forms and using different business models to generate profit.

In this part 3, we will look at the clothing and apparel niche market. Since it is a huge and complex market so it needs to be segmented into several main categories for easy management, operation and marketing.  For example, it can be categorized into baby and children clothing, teen clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and footwear, men and women accessories. And from each main category, it can be further segmented into different sub-category such as in the women’s clothing, it has swimwear, sportswear, maternity clothing, party dresses, wedding gown and evening wear.

Hence, if you know the market well, you can easily pick up a niche market that has been overlooked and yet has the potential to make a profit, for instance, the plus size women’s clothing or budget clothing. Below are some niche websites or blogs that new affiliate marketers can learn from.

#1. 9to5Chic.com

About the Blog:
The name of the blog is self-explanatory; it is all about the fashion and dressing for 9-to-5 professional executive. The author of the blog talks about her personal fashion style and dressing. She not only writes her own blog but also model for all of the clothing and fashion accessories she recommended. All her photographs are very well taken which is a must for a fashion blog. A well professional taken photograph will greatly enhance the visual and help to convince more readers and eventually will lead to more sales.

How does the Blog Earn?
The blog is monetized with Google Adsense and other affiliate ad banners. The author is an affiliate from several clothing and apparel merchants. Some of them are ASOS, J Brand, Top Shop, Net-A-Porter, Shopbop.com, Neiman Marcus, Thomas Pink, The Outnet and Banana Republic.

Recommendation for the Blog
It will be great if the blog added an additional navigation feature such as Categories. As the author not only recommends executive suite, casual wear but also fashion accessories but there is no way to access them directly. The only way is to click on “older post” to see what is recommended on the blog which could be time consuming. Alternatively, the author can consider adding another section “Brands” or “Merchant Names” as she recommends many different products from different merchants. It will be easier for the readers to jump directly to the brands or merchants they like.


#2. Emmieloves.com

About the Blog:
This is another blog on women’s clothing but a little unusual as it focuses on plus size fashion, accessories and beauty. The owner is a cheerful and confident lady who has been wearing plus sizes since she was 13. She is passionate about plus size clothing so she put up a blog to show plus size women can be equally beautiful if dress and match well.

How does the Blog Earn?
Like the previous blog mentioned above, this blog is also earning revenue by placing affiliate ads and recommending different clothing from different merchants such as IGIGI, Kiyonna, Target, Eloquii and Old Navy. However, the author gives a little twist on how she presents the merchants’ products. Unlike her competitors by showing charming and beautiful photos, it adds a special section – Plus Size Clothing Directory to its blog. The mini directory gives a good listing of all the merchants who offer plus size clothing and provides its readers a good overview of the size range, category and website address.

Recommendation for the Blog
The blog suffers the same problem as above blog as it does not offer more option for navigation. For example, there is no direct access to the archive pages or different product types as the author recommends not only on clothing but also on other beauty products. To access the archive pages, the only way is to click on the “Older Posts” which is too time consuming. It will be good if an Archive section and a Category section either by clothing types or brands can be added for easy navigation.


#3. Advanced Style

About the Blog:
It is very rare to see a blog dedicated to older folk fashion and beauty. The owner of this blog is Ari Seth Cohen who is a photographer and author. He has set up the blog for a simple reason – because of his grandma. He is inspired by his grandma’s unique personal style and also due to his interest in putting together fashion for vibrant seniors, he has compiled a special book called “Advanced Style” which not only showcases senior women’s fashion but also their confidence, vitality and uniqueness. Who says senior women have to step aside when come to fashion, the book and the blog prove that senior women still can have fun and fashion even after they have past their prime.

How does the Blog Earn?
As mentioned above, it already has a book “Advanced Style” selling at Amazon. It is also getting revenue from Adsense, ad banner and being an affiliate from Vogue.

Recommendation for the Blog
The blog currently is hosted at Google Blogger, it can migrate to a self-hosted site for more control on the design layout and features. For example, it has a section on “I’m Proud To Be __ Years Old”, this section should be a “Gallery” section where it allows the author to post more photos. This will be a good place for the author to showcase his portfolio and at the same time satisfy his readers for more photos.

Affiliate Merchants mentioned in this Post include:

ASOS, J Brand, Top Shop, Net-A-Porter, Shopbop.com, Neiman Marcus, Thomas Pink, The Outnet, Banana Republic, IGIGI, Kiyonna, Target, Eloquii and Old Navy.

Some merchants such as Old Navy, Banana Republic and Shopbop.com offer their affiliate program via Commission Junction. In other words, you can just sign up with Commission Junction without the hassles to sign up with individual merchants.


The women’s clothing market is a very competitive market as the keywords are already dominated by big players especially those ecommerce sites. Nevertheless, the above 3 blogs show you that by adopting a little creativity and identify a good niche, there are still ways for affiliate marketers to make sale.

Hopefully, as a new affiliate marketer, you can see making affiliate sales is not all about writing content and optimize your blog. You will need to know your customers very well and some creativity on how to present your affiliate products to appeal to them.

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