Examples of Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites – Part 4

In this series of examples of affiliate marketing niche websites, we are going to look at one of the interesting art and craft niche market – crochet. You can read the first, second and third post series which talked about other niche markets by clicking on the individual link.

Crochet is a hobby niches and there are already many crochet blogs and websites in the market. Many new affiliate marketers are wondering whether crochet is still a profitable niche market to enter? If you have reading blogs from successful affiliate marketing gurus – they believe that there is no such thing as oversaturated niche market. You can always target a specific micro-niche if you want to enter a competitive niche market, the most important thing is you must know what is the demand for your micro-niche market. Once you know what your potential customers’ wants, you can set yourself apart by being different. There are many different ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors; it could be your business model, marketing strategy or sales funnel. In this post, we are going to look at some examples for crochet niche blogs and see how these crocheters differentiate themselves from the rest.

#1. Crochet Saved My Life


About the Blog:
Everybody thinks that crochet is a form of hobby and hardly anybody will ever think that crochet can heal or save a person. The blog owner – Kathryn Vercillo talks about how crocheting saved her from suicide and healed her series of depression. She talks about the relation between crochet and health and what are the benefits that crochet brings to health.

Keywords Crochet health benefits

Unique Selling Point It is rare to connect crochet to health but the website owner managed to package her story and show that crocheting is not a hobby but a health therapy. She is targeting a very micro niche – a group of audiences who want to improve their mental beings and looking for some form of handicraft. She listed many health benefits of crochet and aim to help people to live happier and healthier.

How does the Blog Earn?
The blog owner focuses exclusively on her book at her blog and she also does public speaking. She has another blog – Crochet Concupiscence where she features her own works, talks about crochet news, trends, artists, crochet design and resources. She monetized her blog by allowing sponsored advertisement, Adsense and has a section for donation. She is also an affiliate for Amazon and Darn Good Yarn.

#2. Drew Emborsky


About the Blog:
This is not the usual crochet blog you will see because the crocheter is a guy! You may think that crochet is only for granny and women but there are guys who also love crochet too. The blog owner – Drew Emborsky who can openly created a blog and tell the world his hobby and teach others how to crocheting is very encouraging! This can encourage more guys to pick up crochet and prove that men can do equally well as their female counterparts.

Keywords Guys who crochet

Unique Selling Point The main attractive point is the crocheter is a guy and he himself started the blog as a hobby but turned it into a full-time business.

How does the Blog Earn?
He has a blog called The Crochet Dude and accepted advertisement in his blog. He designs and creates his own crochet pattern and even dyes his own yarn. All his products are available for sales online and he also conducts crochet classes.

#3. Crochet Hooks You


About the Blog:
Unlike the first two blogs, this blog is more educational and focuses on creating free crochet video tutorials for beginners and mid-entry level crocheters. It crochets almost everything including baby booties, hats, jewelry, bags, scarves, slippers, tops and homewares. All the crochets are easy to make and suitable for its targeted audiences.

Keywords Free Crochet Video Tutorial

Unique Selling Point This blog utilizes YouTube.com platform to make a series of free crochet video tutorials for its readers. Looking at its high video view rate in YouTube, video is definitely a preferred medium than static photos when showing the steps while crocheting. Viewers can pause and replay any part of the tutorials they miss or do not understand.

How does the Blog Earn?
The blog videos have been monetized using Adsense ads. The blog owner is an affiliate for Amazon and has set up a exclusive shop page purely selling Amazon crochet supplies.

Affiliate Network Mentioned in this Post:
Amazon.com, Darn Good Yarn


After seeing the above examples, you can see that the crochet blog owners not only able to find their super niche market but also their unique selling point. Once you could provide values to your target market, you could still earn even though it is already an oversaturated market.

What are your thoughts about entering oversaturated market? You are welcome to leave your comments below.

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