How to Brainstorm Your First Affiliate Business Ideas – Part 1

One of the top challenges for any new affiliate marketers is “What to Sell?”.

If you want to start an affiliate business but yet do not have any idea what to sell then you need to brainstorm for one. Brainstorming is a good way to generate creative ideas for your affiliate business. There are many ways to do it and try asking the following list of questions is a good start.

  1. Do You Have Any Hobbies That Can Turn Into Business?
    The most common advice given to new affiliate marketers is to list out your hobbies and passions and pick the best one that you are most passionate about. Because most gurus believe that if you pick a business idea you like, you will not get bored easily and can maintain the momentum for your affiliate business.
  2. Do You Have Any Special Skills, Talent Or Experience That Can Turn Into Business?
    You might have special skills, talent and experience that people sought after that you might not know. Look at the following list and see whether you can spot any of these you might have and then turn them into a business idea.

    • Personal Skills: Designing, dancing, photography, cooking, sewing, repairing, painting, playing musical instrument, speaking of foreign languages, baking, floral arrangement, swimming, carpentry and fixing.
    • Job Skills: Planning, organizing, administration, programming, computing, public speaking, translation, problem solving, management, negotiating, selling, marketing, coaching, teaching, communicating, networking, leadership, information management, research and critical thinking.
    • Talent: Dancing, Acting, Singing, Writing, Speaking, Painting, Drawing, Cooking, Jokes or Story Telling.

    Also, not forgetting your professional job knowledge and experiences. They are excellent sources of ideas that can turn into profitable business opportunity.

  3. Can You Identify The Gap in the Market that You Work Or Interested In?
    The marketing expert called this as Market Gap Analysis. The main purpose is to discover or uncover demand that is not fulfilled. It is also a good way to identify new niches in the market which can give you competitive edge. For example in the competitive mobile phone market, there is a niche market for the seniors – a simple phone with big screen and buttons but with 24×7 operator assistance when emergency arises.
  4. Can You Recognize Any Problems that People Commonly Face?
    Take a closer look at the daily tasks that people do and see whether you could identify any problem they are facing. Jot down when you heard people saying “I wish I could do this easier …”, “I wish somebody can do this for me  …”, “How could I solve this …”. You may end up with a list of ideas you would tap into.
  5. Can You Find a New Way to Improve Any Existing Products Or Services?
    What kind of products or services do you think can be further improved to benefit the existing users or customers? For example the mobile phone for seniors can be improved to include a tracking function so that the care taker will know the seniors are doing their daily activities well and safe.
  6. Do You Recognize Any Demand for a Product or Service but Not Available in the Market?
    In your different phases of your life, you will definitely recognize there are some products and services you may need but not available in the markets. I remember when my niece was two, I was trying to get story book that teach basic values like honesty, fidelity, love, respect, and self-discipline with pretty and colorful illustration. But unfortunately there were not many available. If somebody can provide such product, it should be popular because many parents are concerned with their children early education today.
  7. What Are The Emerging Trends?
    Do you realize any emerging trends that change the way people eat, live, work and play? For example, the technological advancement has changed the way people communicate. People no longer limited to communicate by phone or email if they stay far apart. Now they can use video conferencing, MSN messenger or social media tools which facilitates the growth of more mobile phone applications. So can you spot any emerging trends around you?
  8. What Are The Global Threats?
    The global threats include terrorism, global warming, rising ocean, shortage of food supply and energy, just to name a few. Can you identify any business opportunities among these threats? One good example is the discovery of green energy in the hope to replace the power energy. The green energy will be a huge business opportunity in future so keep a close lookout on its trend and development.
  9. Do You Have Somebody You Like To Role Model?
    You may have some successful entrepreneurs who you want to role model. Check out what businesses they had done and what are they doing now to bring them to their success. You can copy their business ideas and models to save your trial and error. Look at what other super affiliates have done and you could have pick up some ideas from them.
  10. Do You Enjoy Doing Something But is a Chore To Other People?
    Someone’s chores could be another enjoyment. Some people may find it a chore to take their pets for grooming, walk or to the vet but if you are someone who enjoyed doing it then you can find business opportunity doing it. Many people have started a service business that run chores for others and then find affiliate products to complement their offering. This not only bring conveniences to their customers but also added values to their business.

Once you have gone through this list of questions, you should be able to gather a list of decent ideas on what you can do for your affiliate business. You may start getting overly excited now but to ensure your ideas could work, the next step is to put it to test before implementation, so stay tune for the next post.

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