How to Brainstorm Your First Affiliate Business Ideas – Part 2

In the first part of the post, I covered the list of questions you can ask to generate ideas for your first affiliate business. There is a saying goes “To get the best idea is to get more ideas”. So besides the list of questions mentioned, you can also try tapping into your personal life experience for idea generation such as major setback, obstacles or even any diseases you had overcome. There might be other people who could be in the situations as you and they are desperately looking for a solution. So if you could share and tell them the methods that you have used to overcome the problem, not only you are deeply appreciated but you have just found another new idea for your first affiliate business.

Write Down Your Ideas
Whenever you come across any new ideas, write them down. For example, you can list down hobbies and passion that you are interested.

  • Exercising
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Health products
  • Traveling
  • Dancing
  • Recycling
  • Pet Keeping, Caring & Training
  • Collection

Select the Best Idea
You can write down as many ideas as you like but eventually you can only pick one idea. This idea will lead to a business so you have to consider carefully. There is a vast difference between you like something and you know about something. When starting business, you need the passion as well as knowledge to do it. Do you think you have enough expert knowledge to give advice to? What solutions do you have but no others can offer in the market? What kind of innovative services or advices could you offer? With these in mind, you should be able to select an idea that best meet the criteria.

Combine Related Ideas Together
Alternatively, you can combine some of the related ideas together to form one main idea. For example, all the above mentioned hobbies may seem unrelated and diverse but they actually relate to one central topic – Lifestyle.

However, it is not advisable to have too broad a topic because you will not know which market to target specifically. You may want to narrow it down to healthy lifestyle then further to organic healthy lifestyle. Even organic healthy lifestyle can be a board topic so you can further narrow it down into Diet, Nutrition or Foods. Now with these three options, if you have problem determining which is the best? The next step is to subject the three options for evaluation.

Evaluate Ideas
You need to submit your ideas for evaluation before it is considered the best and feasible idea for your affiliate business. You definitely do not want a bad idea to ruin your affiliate business. To evaluate your ideas, you need to set some criteria and give each criterion a weighting of 0 to 5. A weighting of 0 is given when the idea does not meet the criteria while a weighting of 5 means it fully meet the criteria.

Criteria \ Options Organic Healthy
Organic Healthy
Organic Healthy
 Demand 4 5 5
 Products Available
4 5 5
 Profitable 3 4 4
 Competition 5 5 5
 Sustainable 3 5 4
 TOTAL SCORE 19 24 23

From the total score, you can immediately see which option is the winner – Organic Healthy Nutrition. Using this method, it can help to sort out the options quickly. It may not be a guarantee method that it has picked the best idea but it will definitely save you countless hours of reviewing and sorting.

Once you have picked the idea, it will be the main offering of your first affiliate business. The next step is to proceed with Market Research to find out more about the market, customers and their needs related to this offering. At the same time, you can learn more about the competitors, market trends and marketing channels to reach your customers. These are essential steps if you want maximize success in your first affiliate business.

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