How to Find Your First Profitable Niche Market?

Do you have problem finding your first niche market?

Finding a right niche market is the number one stumbling block for most affiliate newbies, let alone finding a profitable niche market. As an affiliate newbie, you might afraid you will choose a wrong niche and end up wasting all your time, money and efforts. This was what exactly happened to me when I first started, it was indeed a long and hard learning curve but fortunately I found a tool to overcome this stumbling block. Therefore, in this post, I would like to share with you this powerful tool so that you could quickly overcome this obstacle and achieve success earlier.

Power Tool Came to My Rescue

It is by using a powerful tool called “Market Samurai” – it is a program specially developed for affiliate marketing purpose. It has almost become an indispensable tool for affiliate marketers today. What made it such an excellent tool as it helps to answer some of the most crucial questions as follow:

  1. How to find the right niche market?
  2. Will the niche market I’m going to select profitable?
  3. Will there be too much competition for this niche market?
  4. Can I make any sale from my selected niche market?
  5. What keywords to use to find the selected niche market?

How can Market Samurai help?

Before you could find the right niche market, you should have done your market research first. Only after you have identified your target market segment then you could pick a niche market from within. For example, if you have decided to target the “Nutritional Supplement” market segment and you think “Organic Nutritional Supplement” could be your niche market, you can use Market Samurai to double confirm this for you.

Market Samurai has a powerful module called “Keyword Research”, see screen below.

As we know, in any niche market, there tend to have its own internal languages and lingo so if we know what are the keywords or key phrases that the potential customers used to find your product or services then you can reach them by planting those keywords or key phrases in your website or blog. In other words, these keywords or key phrases are like the golden keys to the gold mines. If you have selected the wrong keywords then you will never get any chance to access the gold mines.

Keyword Research helps to filter out Bad Keyword

If you run through the keyword “Organic Nutritional Supplement”, you will be surprised that it hardly receive any traffic or click-through. The result showed that it is not a good keyword to bring in traffic or sales. You have to look for alternate keyword such as “Organic Vitamin” which has more click-through per day than the former keyword. Click on below screen to see the detailed analysis.

The beauty of Market Samurai is it helps you to filter out irrelevant and misleading keywords so that you will be spared from making frustrating mistakes. In addition, it gives you other keywords you might have overlooked which help to explore other niche market opportunities.

Will there be too much competition for this niche market?

If you are thinking whether the niche market you have chosen will be too competitive, Market Samurai can help by using its “SEO Competition” module.

For example, you want to find out how competitive is for the word “Organic Vitamin”. You can run this through by clicking on the “SEO Competition” then “Generate Results” button and within minutes you can see the result as below.

Market Samurai lists out the top 10 competitors’ statistics. It shows the domain age, page rank, index count, back link, directory listing, page optimization effectiveness and many more. The red, green and beige color bars will give you a rough indication whether the keyword is too competitive or not. When there are more red colors shown, it means the market is very competitive while green colors show the opposite. In this example, it is fairly competitive as seen on the screen.

However, you could work on the back link strategy and get more authoritative sites link to your site so as to push up the ranking. As you can see from the captured screen above, the number one website managed to get some government or education sites to link to its site and hence was able to rank on the first position even though it has lesser pages indexed in Google than its competitors.


There are many more powerful modules found in Market Samurai but the above two modules will more or less help to determine your niche market. It acts as a useful guide so that you will not select the wrong niche market and know which profitable keyword to target to bring in sales. I highly recommend you give it a try today, you can download a trial version from here. It has a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this tool effectively and can be found in their “Dojo” or tutorial section.

This is an excellent tool you should not miss as it will you save countless hours of frustration and minimize mistakes. You will be even delighted to know it has another powerful module that can help to monetize your site/blog which I’m going to talk about in future post, so don’t forget to join in my mailing list to receive the tip.

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