How to make Technorati find its Claim Token in the Post

If you have a new blog, you will sure want to submit to Technorati as it is an authoritative blog directory. Once listed in Technorati, your new blog will be indexed by major search engines faster and it will also bring authoritative backlink to your new blog. A quality backlink will help in your blog ranking in search engines too.

If you are interested to register your new blog with Technorati, click here to start now. It is not difficult to open an account with Technorati and register your blog but most of the people were stumbled at the step when claiming their blog. They either missed this step or forgot to paste the claim token into a post.

Technorati implements the claiming process to ensure that you are the genuine blog owner and it will give you a claim token that looks like a string of characters, for example  “MVMUJMH6VRWK” to be pasted into your blog post. (Note: Different Technorati registered members will have different unique claim token so use your own claim token code when pasting into your blog post.)

Once you have pasted the claim token, you need to publish the post so that Technorati is able to read it in your feed via the site feed URL (e.g. You have to submit the correct feed URL otherwise your claim token might not be well read by Technorati. In addition, you have to publish your post so that it can be viewed publicly. Post which is marked as “private” will not be accessible by Technorati and you will receive email that it has problem reading your site’s data.

The common method used by most people is to paste their claim token directly into the blog post and publish without any content. It is one of the easier ways to do it as you can always delete the post with the claim token once Technorati has approved but it may be confusing if you have subscribers or twitter or facebook followers for your blog. They might not understand what the string of code represents unless they are Technorati users. Hence, I prefer to paste the claim token in the post and at the same time, provide some explanation so that my feed readers will not get confused over it.

After you have published your post, there is one more step before you complete the whole process of claiming your token. Go back to Technorati and under the section of “My Claimed Blogs”. Click on “Check Claim” and then click on “Update Site Feed URL” to update. If Technorati has successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, you will receive the following message via an email.

This is an automatically-generated email.
Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati.
We have successfully crawled your blog and
found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review.

Your blog is now waiting for review and be approved. The time for review and approval may vary, some blogs got reviewed and approved within few days while others have to wait for months so be patience and good luck!

(P.S.: From what I’ve tried and tested, if you have an authoritative or established blogs backlink to you, your blog will get review and approve faster by Technorati.)

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