Is Finding The Most Profitable Niche Market The Only Way To Make Money?

Do you find yourself asking this question while you are finding the most profitable niche market online? In fact, if you go through all the training courses offered by most of the affiliate marketing gurus, they are affirmed that finding the most profitable niche market is the first step for success. If you picked the wrong niche market that almost mark the end of your affiliate marketing business.

However, many of you must have experienced even you might have picked the right or profitable niche market at the start but you might end up earning nothing. The reason is there are many other factors that will also affect the success of your affiliate marketing business. Some of the examples include new competition, lack of marketing, change of trend, change of Google search algorithms, loss of ranking in search engines or even change of customers’ requirement. All these are not within the control of the affiliate marketing business owners. Some of them are even hard to predict like the constant change of Google search algorithms which might affect many websites’ ranking, indexing and search visibility. So finding the most profitable and right niche market may bring you closer to the path of success but not a guarantee you will definitely make money.

What Can Be Done If You Pick The Not-So Profitable Niche Market?

If you have already invested massive amount of money, time and sweats into your affiliate marketing niche site and realize you have picked a not-so-profitable or wrong niche market, what else can you do? Abandon or kill the site! But wait, before you do that, you may want to reconsider because there might be some other ways that can help you salvage your site and make money from it.

Build a Community

If you could build a die-hard community, they are more likely to trust and listen to what you say. One great ways to achieve this is to add a forum to your website and allow the forum members to interact with one another. Members will return to the forum because they want advices and looking for emotional support from fellow members. This is especially so in the fitness, health and medical niche market because no one else understands except those who have gone through the same painful process as they were. If you have the same experience, share it with your forum members and answer their questions, they will reciprocate by supporting you when you have excellent products to recommend.

Usually in a niche market, there is a lack of such platform so by adding a forum to your website; it can help to bring in more traffic and activities. In addition, it can provide you with more insights of what your customers want and allow you to expand your offers.

Resources Page

Many affiliate marketers might overlook to adding a resource page to their websites. This page may list down the business contacts, tools or tips how to get things done. If your website is selling vitamins and health products to post-surgery patients, your customers might not be interested to buy from your site but they might be looking for solutions or information on how to address their other specific problem. For example, post-surgery patients might be looking for post-surgical-care like wound dressing, diet or even exercise and care-takers.

So instead of telling your potential customers how good is your vitamins and health products, create an informative resources page listing the service providers’ contacts, steps, tools or medical devices that can helped one to recover, it will become one invaluable page for your visitors. You can elaborate those services in your blog and form an affiliate program with the offline service vendors. So besides earning commission online, you can earn commission offline as well.

Online Directory

You can also consider adding a mini yellow pages or online directory to your website. You can allow the business owners to add their business listings to the online directory for free and promote their businesses further with paid listing or banner. Such online directory is convenient for visitors as they do not need to look high and low for similar services or products. Visitors will return if they want more related services or products.

Today, there are plenty off-the-shelf online directory software for example DirectoryPress, eSyniCat, eDirectory, phpYellow Pro and PHP Link Directory. Some of the software like DirectoryPress works on WordPress platform and can be installed immediately and is ready for business listings submission anytime. Most of these online directory software offer a lot of great features, for example user review, user rating, comments, feature new products or services, statistics of each listing, auto subscription plan, customized search options, social media tools, article pages and etc. Adding an online directory will not only bring you great convenience to your website visitors but also add extra revenue for your website.


All the above can help to bring in more activities and traffic to your once-stale website if they are done correctly. Once your traffic has increased to a significant number, you can monetize it with advertisement. This provides another stream of revenue besides just selling affiliate marketing products or services. Hence, even you have already chosen a low profitable niche market, there are still other ways to salvage your website and make money online.

As always, you are welcome to put your comments and thoughts below for this post.

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