New Affiliate Marketers Beware List – Part 1

As a new affiliate marketer, you must be very excited about setting your affiliate business online and eager to see income rolling in. However, there are many pitfalls that you should watch out and avoid. Beware of the scammers and spammers that targeted new affiliate marketer like you. Here is a list of things you need to beware before starting out. Hopefully it can save you agony and frustration during your startup and make running your affiliate business a much more pleasant journey.

  1. Affiliate Programs are Free to Join
    Most affiliate programs from large and established affiliate networks are free to join. If you are required to pay before joining any affiliate program, check out why and what they are charging. Research the affiliate networks thoroughly and check their records. Search online and you should see review on it. There are many affiliate programs around so there is no need to risk yourself joining such affiliate networks.
  2. Scam Affiliate Products
    There are many scam affiliate products around. Some products even promise you over-night success, we know it is not possible as affiliate business take time and hard works to build up and grow. Scam affiliate products like to use deceptive tactics to lure new affiliate marketers to join them. For example in some MLM programs, they will promise you a special bonus once you joined. However, you will soon realize there are other criteria required before you can cash out the so-called “bonus”. There are others who promised a free download but required your credit card details before you can have the full download. So do be careful and read the fine print before joining such program if possible avoids them.
  3. Beware of Copycat
    Copying or stealing other affiliate marketers’ hard work is commonly found in the affiliate marketing industry. You can hear a lot of sad stories that some affiliate marketers were being ripped off for their sales copy, content or landing page. Since you are entering into a highly competitive industry, you need to mentally prepare for this as there is no regulation on this yet.
  4. “I made 6-figure Income Every Year”
    Super affiliates claimed they had made 6-figure income every year? Are they really real? Could they have edited their check using Adobe Photoshop (a popular graphic software)? What they showed on the screen could not be true then?The only way to find out is do a research on the web. Check on discussion forums and see what other people said about the super affiliates. As the affiliate industry is very competitive, any bad review or dishonest affiliates would be quickly known so do your homework before you put your full trust on these super affiliates.
  5. Not Responsive Affiliate Manager
    Some affiliate programs are easy to join but do not provide adequate support or assistance. Not all affiliate managers are as responsive as you expect. Choose the affiliate programs carefully; if the affiliate manager is not helpful then it may not worth your time to promote their affiliate products. Affiliate manager plays an important in your affiliate business success so find another one who can give you prompt assistance and support when needed.
  6. Mentoring
    As mentioned before, there is no silver bullet to riches overnight but you still could see a lot of mentoring program who promised to give you a 4 or 5-figure earning per month. Many such mentoring programs are targeted at new affiliate marketers who are looking to start an honest business but unfortunately fall prey to such techniques easily as such programs could really sound convincing.But don’t be discouraged, there are still many ethical and honest mentors around. For example the well-know Australian blogger and entrepreneur – Yaro Starak who offer one-to-one private mentoring coaching program for people around the world. You can check out his blog at for more information, his coaching fee could be expensive to some though. Alternatively, he has another more affordable version for beginner – Blogger Premium, is an online training course for beginner who wish to learn the basic of building a blog to marketing it.
  7. Training
    A proper and quality affiliate training course will get you on the right track and reach your destination faster. But beware of some affiliate training courses which contain nothing but fluff while some are only interested to make money from you and teach you the wrong or obsolete affiliate marketing techniques.Look for training courses which provide continuity for example paid membership online training course. This type of course will not only provide the core training modules but also provide continual new information and support during your subscription.
  8. Avoid Bloggers Who Used Offensive Languages
    Avoid bloggers who like to use offensive languages such as F***, Ass**  in their blogs regardless how successful they claimed to be. They should be aware that their blogs are open up globally and they should have some basic respect for their readers. You may find it common in your culture but it could be offensive to your readers as they come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Using offensive languages will not only drive away your readers but it affects your affiliate sales so do be careful on your language used as your reputation will also be at stake if you do so.
  9. Deceptive Marketing Technique (Black Hat Techniques)
    As affiliate marketing industry is a lucrative industry, many unethical affiliate marketers employ deceptive marketing techniques to get quick success and they are commonly known as the Black Hat Techniques. As a result, it harms the industry and caused many new aspiring marketers to lose confidence over affiliate marketing, thinking it is just a scam. As a new affiliate marketer, you should be aware of what are the deceptive marketing techniques so you can avoid them; employing such techniques will not only affect your credibility but also being banned from affiliate networks.
  10. No Traffic, No Sales
    New affiliate marketers may not aware that in order to have sales and conversion at your blog or website, you need to have a lot of traffic. Many beginners still thought that once you have your blog or website up, you will automatically enjoying sales which is not true. Driving traffic form the big bulk of running an affiliate business. In fact, it can be quite a time-consuming process where a lot of patiences and hard works are required. In short, learning how to drive targeted traffic is a science, learning how to master it is an art. To get you startd, here is one good article from Seth Godin’s blog on how to get traffic to your blog, check it out.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you know of other essential things that new affiliate marketers must be aware of, please share it at the comment below. Thank you.

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