Setting a Business Goal for New Affiliate Marketers

Every new affiliate marketer should set a business goal when planning to get into affiliate business. A business goal will help you, as a new affiliate marketer to know what to strive for and achieve at the end of the day and within what timeframe. Without a goal is like an archer without a target, shooting aimlessly and wasting your time and energy. On the other hand, setting right business goal help to keep you focused and organized You will appreciate it when you get more involved in affiliate marketing business as there are more tasks to complete each day.

Set Realistic Goal

You must have heard of when setting goal, it must be a SMART Goal. The SMART Goal here refers to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goal. However, the biggest and the most common mistakes of new affiliate marketers was setting unrealistic goal when starting out. 

Majority were misled by those super affiliates who thought that they could make millions of dollars on the internet fast. It is not possible to achieve million of dollars overnight without achieving your first dollar. It will take great skills, experience and expertise to reach such a big goal. And don’t forget, those super affiliates had spent countless of time and energy on their business before they succeed. Unfortunately, not many new affiliate marketers are aware of this.

Therefore, set realistic and modest goals that are achievable. This will save you tons of depression and frustration on why can’t you achieve the same success as the super affiliates.

Different Type of Business Goals

Before setting your business goals, you might want to see what type of goals you want to achieve? Basically the goals can be divided into two categories, and they are long-term goals and short-term goals. Below are some examples of each category.

Long-term Goals

Long-term goals are excellent motivator even though they take time to achieve. You will not see result in short time, some could take as long as a year or more to achieve so setting achievable goal is important. If you have no idea what long-term goals to set for your affiliate business, here are some examples.

  1. Increase Profit by 20% every year.
  2. Develop Your Own Affiliate Products
  3. To Become Six-Figure Super Affiliate
  4. Quit Your Boring Job and become Full-time Affiliate Marketer
  5. Replace Your Day Job and Spend More Time with Your Family

Short-term Goals

In contrary to long-term goals, short-term goals can be achieved in shortest of time and often are the stepping stones to long-term goals. They can be a daily, weekly or monthly goals – all helps to contribute to the success of reaching toward your long-term goals, for examples they could be:

  1. Increasing the Number of Subscribers in Your Lists
  2. Increasing Daily Targeted Traffic Flow
  3. Increasing Sales Conversion by 5% every month
  4. Write More Reviews & Articles for Blog

Business Goal Setting Formula

Once you have identified your goals, you must have a clear action plan to achieve them. According to famous American author and motivational speaker – Zig Ziglar, he said in order to have your goal materialize; you need a formula to help you. Here is the summary of it.

  • Write down your goals
  • List down the objective
  • Identify all the benefits
  • Put a date to your goals
  • List down the obstacles to overcome
  • Identify the people you need to work with to achieve your goals
  • Spell out a plan of action and set a timeline to it.

Goals can be easily made but never executed so a clear action plan will help to nail you down to action. It helps to keep you on track and provides systematic steps on how to achieve them. In addition, it allows you to make review regularly and take action when things are not well.

Hopefully, you can see the importance of making a goal for your affiliate business. If you have any success of goal setting for your affiliate business, please share it at the comment below.

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