Should I go for Narrow Niche or Broad Niche Market?

When I just started my affiliate marketing business, I was in the dilemma of choosing between a narrow niche market and a broad niche market. In the end, I made the mistake of choosing a broad niche market because I thought by casting the net wider I could attract more visitors to my site as there are many interesting topics for them to explore. At the same time, I could recommend more affiliate products and my visitors would have more options to choose from. I thought by doing so, it could increase my sales, bringing more money and increase my bank balance.

But I was wrong! First, not only I had problem ranking high for my site keywords as there were too many keywords to target and I was unable to get any traffic from search engines due to the competitions. Eventually I had to turn to other traffic generation techniques which were time consuming and expensive. Second, I was struggling to produce good focused content as there were too much topics and categories to cover. As a result, my site ended up just like those general sites with nothing unique.

Nevertheless, it is a good lesson learned. After the painful failure, I tried to choose a narrow niche market for another site and it seems to perform better and getting results within shorter period of time. This is something out of my expectation and during the process I realized by focusing on a niche market, it has some advantages.

Advantages of Going for Narrow Niche Market

Target Customer

By narrowing the market, it allows me to focus well. It is so much easier now to identify the specific market segment and know who are the customers. A clear understanding of the customers profile helps in writing the content, choosing the affiliate products and promotion. I find that the more I know about my targeted customers, the better I can serve them as I can customize the affiliate products accordingly to their needs.

Easier for Marketing

I used to think that everybody can be my customers and my product is suitable for anybody so there is no reason to limit to just one market segment. By targeting a broader market I can increase my income, right?

Unfortunately, this is wrong! One marketing guru ever said “If you are marketing to everybody, you are marketing to no one.” I find this is very true as nobody wants to buy a generic product, they would rather buy a product that target to their specific problems. It is similar to photographers who are not interested to buy camera cramped with all functions and features. Photographers who dive frequently will prefer a water-proof and anti-shock camera while landscape photographers will want a better zoom-in and with panoramic feature camera. Different customers have different requirements, knowing which group of customers to market will make marketing and promotion simpler.

Focused Content

When I was working on broad niche market site, it was such a pain to generate content as the topics were too broad and too much to cover. But after changing to a narrow niche market, I was amazed that I could concentrate better and produce more valued and focused content. Another surprise was that there were more visitors subscribed to my list and they were more willing to leave comment on my site.  I credit it to the in-depth and detailed blog posts I had written.

Free Organic Traffic

Knowing the profile of my customers also help to know what languages and keywords they used when searching on the web. This facilitates my keyword research and search engine optimization as placing the right keywords will increase the ranking in search engines and attract 100% free organic traffic. I’m happy that my narrow niche site is enjoying free and stable stream of organic traffic but a little disappointed as it is not able to attract massive traffic like the broad niche market site. But again, the higher rate of sales conversion shows that quality is still better than quantity.


So if you are contemplating whether you should go for narrow niche or broad niche market, try the narrow niche first. Once you have obtained success for the narrow niche market then scale it up and expand slowly. By then, I think you also have obtained enough knowledge and experience that you can approach the broad niche market with more confidence.

I’m sure I’ll try the broad niche market again. What about you? Do you have any dilemma about choosing your niche market? Would love to hear from you, please share it in the comment box below.


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One Response to Should I go for Narrow Niche or Broad Niche Market?
  1. Steve
    May 8, 2011 | 7:35 am

    I actually advocate the opposite on my latest post, but hey, there are more than one ways to make money online…

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