Solution to WordPress Upgrade Problems?

New Affiliate Marketer, do you know that once you have chosen WordPress as your blog platform, you will need to constantly upgrade its version and plugins in future?

While it is good to always have the latest version of the software but when constant upgrading has become a pain, it might become a major stumbling block to your affiliate marketing business. The most annoying thing many of us face is unable to upgrade automatically even though WordPress has an automatic upgrade feature. I believe many of you might end up spending hours and hours troubleshooting and debugging with the so-called “automatic upgrade”.

Common Problem Encountered during Upgrading

It is common to see the following upgrading error messages when you are upgrading.

Update WordPress

Downloading update from …
Unpacking the update…
Verifying the unpacked files…
Installing the latest version…
Could not copy file.: /public_html/wp-admin/css/
Installation Failed

Update Plugin

Unpacking the update
Deactivating the plugin
Removing the old version of the plugin
Could not remove the old plugin
Plugin upgrade Failed

If you are having the above problems while upgrading, most probably it was due to your web hosting server configuration and not caused by WordPress. Many people had wasted unnecessary times troubleshooting the WordPress (you can see the tons of questions asked in WordPress forum) and found out at the end they were actually doing the wrong things. The most frustrating thing is one technical problem will lead to another after tweaking with the server configuration so you will be easily caught in endless maze of technical problems. Therefore, choosing a right web hosting company helps to avoid this issue and you will appreciate how much valuable time you can save from this. At the same time, it avoids frustration as it can easily discourage any aspiring affiliate beginners when one is not that tech savvy.

The WordPress Upgrading Problem is not a Problem Now

Since I started on affiliate marketing two years ago, the upgrading problem had been bugging me until I found another web hosting companyHostgator.  It is very popular among the affiliate marketing industry and it has its own reason for it. HostGator’s server is specially configured for affiliate marketing businesses so most technical and upgrading issues have already been sorted out. It has also several features which will make affiliate marketers’ life a lot easier and painless.

QuickInstall WordPress Installation

HostGator has a QuickInstall WordPress Installation (see picture below) where with just one click; you can quickly install WordPress without any hassles. It is even better than Fantastico as it eliminates the process of entering database, username and password details. The username and password will be emailed to you after the WordPress installation.

Easy WordPress Installation in Sub-domain

When I was with my former web hosting company, it was such a nightmarish experience installing WordPress in sub-domain directory. The Fantastico did not work well for sub-domain as it can only identify one database. It would be not a problem if it is going to share the same database as the main domain but due to security reason, a separate database is preferable. For this reason, I had to manually install WordPress and create a new database separately. It was so time consuming as it took me almost half an hour with such a small task even though I was familiar with the manual installation of WordPress.

So you can imagine my joy and surprise when I realized HostGator’s QuickInstall WordPress Installation can also work on sub-domain and what’s more! It is one-click installation as well! No fuss, no sweat and within a second, my sub-domain blog is ready to work. It is incredibly easy compared to the last web hosting company!

Support Services

One of the most dreadful pains is to get technical problems from your blog/site you do not understand. Having a good support services from your web hosting company is critical to none. You must have heard horror stories that customers could not get support services on time or the support takes too long to respond. What is worst if the response is not helpful and you are back to square one!

Fortunately, Hostgator provides 24hrs Online Chat Support Services, you can reach them anytime regardless of where and when you are. This is one of the main reasons I have picked them for my web hosting. My problem can be solved immediately so that I can keep my momentum and move on quickly with my daily tasks.


Hence, if you are facing similar WordPress upgrading issues and frustrated over the endless technical problems, consider switching to a right web hosting company who have the right server configuration and support. You will find that upgrading for WordPress and its plugins can actually be such a breeze. Most importantly, it allows you to focus on the important tasks and not wasting time troubleshooting everytime when you upgrade.

If you need more information on HostGator, you can click on the banner below to reach them.


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