Traffic Generation Tips from Affiliate Marketing Experts: Do They Really Work?

Like many affiliate marketing newbies, I am also overwhelmed by the massive amount of traffic generation tips and advices to one’s blog from affiliate marketing experts. Different affiliate marketing experts suggested different traffic generation techniques and most claimed they worked for them so they should work for affiliate marketing newbies as well but is this true? The most common traffic generation techniques are listed as below and I believe you must have come across some of them.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • RSS
  • eBook Syndication
  • Social Marketing
  • Article Submission to Article Directories
  • Video Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Free Directory Listing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Interviewing
  • Ads Swap
  • Guest Blogging
  • Webinar
  • Leave Comment on Other Blogs
  • Backlinking
  • Give away Freebie e.g. eBook

And many more …

The list is not exhaustive and I am wondering how many affiliate marketing newbies have luck with them for their new blogs? Can you really receive 10,000 or more visitors per day for your blog by just applying the above traffic generation techniques? How long will it really takes before you can receive tons of visitors to your blog?

Consistent Traffic Should Be The Ultimate Goal

The above techniques would only bring spike of traffic to one’s site for only a short period of time and the traffic will be diminished after a week or less. As a blogger, we know we want steady flow of traffic to our blog so the question is how can we drive steady flow of traffic to our site consistently? Among the listed traffic generation techniques, Email Marketing is one of the proven methods that will help to achieve our desired goal but if one does not have any mailing list, this technique will not work at all. The next closer technique is Search Engine Optimization but provided we are ranked well for the keywords (if we know which keywords to use) we have chosen otherwise it is not easy to achieve steady flow of traffic every day either.

Traffic that Lead to Conversion

Our ultimate goal is to have consistent traffic so that we will have consistent income but not all suggested traffic generation techniques can achieve that. For example, some affiliate marketing experts suggested submitting articles to tutorial or article sites, they might bring in some or more traffic but usually little conversion because they are not the right targeted customers. These techniques might be good for ranking of the blog but definitely not for sales.

So Are These Traffic Generation Tips Valid?

Affiliate Marketing experts seem to be over-generalized and simplified these traffic generation techniques and thought that if it worked for them, why not for the rest but they have forgotten that customers in different niches, markets and industries behave differently.

Furthermore, most affiliate marketing newbies are not as savvy as the affiliate marketing experts so they might not know the right mix of traffic generation techniques or which is the absolute best traffic driving technique to use for their blogs.

Newbies are told to be consistent in the traffic generation activities so many of us might find ourselves caught up in endless loop of these activities that lead to nowhere. We are also told to be mentally prepared as these traffic generation techniques take time to see the result so be prepared to starve for at least two years. If you are lucky, you might make a few cents here or there but definitely not enough to replace full-time job.

What Is The Missing Puzzle in Experts’ Advices?

The missing puzzle is where to find your target customers? Where they gathered and how they communicated. Without this knowledge, it is incredibly difficult to reach them and lure them to your blog. In other words, we have to go back to the fundamental, knowing the profile of your customers – the demographic, needs and wants, buying pattern and what media they used. Only when you are armed with this knowledge, everything will start to fit into pieces when you know how to reach them the right way. It is almost similar to fishing, the type of fish you are going to fish will determine which ponds you intend to go and what baits and rod you are going to use.

So hopefully, we can see more experts in future to be more precise when they are suggesting traffic generation techniques and take into consideration of various factors of the target customers as well. By bombarding all the techniques to the new affiliate marketers will only cause more confusion than good.


What’s about you? Do you find the experts’ advices useful for your traffic? Or you have own way of generating traffic? Have you found a breakthrough in your traffic? Please share your woes and joys of traffic generation in the comment box below. I believe other new affiliate marketers would like to hear it too.


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