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Note: This service is no longer available now due to time and resources issue.

Most affiliate marketers especially the new ones will encounter a common problem, that is, the difficulty to find nice logo or header for their blogs. If you still do not know the difference between a logo and header, check out this post for details. A nice logo or header will help to elevate your blog and make it looks more professional which in return inspire more confidence to your readers when they visit more blog. A professional looking blog will help to build trust and encourage sales conversion among your readers. But unfortunately, it is not easy to create a nice logo or header for affiliate marketers if they are not graphically trained.

Some affiliate marketers might take up the challenge to create a simple banner themselves but often ended up feeling frustrated and time wasted. Even if they possess the skills, they might not have the software to do it. Professional software like Adobe Photoshop is not cheap and has a steep learning curve. In addition, engaging a graphic designer is not cheap either.

Get Your Help Here!

Considering the current economic situation and understanding the dilemma that many affiliate marketers face, I decide to offer some help during my spare time to those who need graphic design help. Hopefully, this will help to expedite the process of setting up a professional affiliate marketing website or blog which in turn help affiliate marketers to achieve success faster.

There will be no charge at the moment unless there is a change of circumstances. Yes, it is FREE now so grab the chance! But you must be one of my mailing list subscribers so enter your information below to join the mailing list. If you have subscribed previously, please re-subscribe because I’m moving to a new email service provider. My apology for the inconvenience caused.

Please note that priority will be given to new affiliate marketers since they are just start up, they require more help than seasoned affiliate marketers. In addition, due to my tight schedule, I can only take one or two requests per month and it is based on first-come-first-serve basis. And to be fair to others, every subscriber will only have one chance of requesting free design service.

AffiliateThinkTank.com is not responsible for any copyright violation or damage if you copied images from the web without the owners’ permission.

How it works?

Once you sign up for my mailing list, you will get a welcome email with a CODE. Find the CODE that offer free graphic design service and email it together with your request to me. You will need to specify what type of design services you want, for example the following:

  1. Logo / Header / Banner Design
  2. Preferred Colors
  3. Dimension (the width and height)

Do not send in an urgent request since I’m doing it at a spare time so I cannot promise you with a fast turnaround time. Every free design given will be entitled to a maximum of two rounds of free changes and the finalized design will be given in jpeg format. If you are providing your own image or photo to be incorporated into the design, please ensure you have the copyrights* for using it. Alternatively, you can purchase nice and professional images or pictures from istockphoto.com.

What Type of Graphic Design Services is Offered?

The following are the type of free graphic design services that I can offer at the moment.

  • Logo Design (Text Logo only)
  • Banner Design
  • Header Design
  • Ads Banner Design

If you need other design services that are not listed above, let me know and I will see whether I can come out with something. As always, you are welcome to leave your comments and thoughts below or if you think others will benefit from these services, please share it with them.

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