What Software to Use to Create an Affiliate Niche Website?

For most affiliate marketing newbies, your first affiliate niche website might be set up quickly using a free or purchased wordpress theme. It is by far the fastest and easiest way of getting up your affiliate niche site up and running quickly as your main objective is to see return fast. Nevertheless, as time goes by, you will realize you need to change things here and there, for example changing the font, color, size of header, sidebar or even the layout of the website.

If you are using free or purchased wordpress theme, you will need to prepare to get your hands dirty to tweak the code. This might not be a sound option for those who are not technical enough to mess with the code. Fortunately, there is a solution now! You can now use a software or commonly known as Theme Editor to edit your code. Its main objective is to help you to edit your blog to the desired look and feel that you wanted easily. In addition, you are able to move your blog elements around conveniently to test their effects, for example, your Ad banners can be placed at different locations at different times to maximize their exposure and return.

What Theme Editors are Available?

Assuming you are using wordpress platform, there are quite a number of software or wordpress theme editors available in the market, such as ThemeDreamer (extension to Dreamweaver), Elastic, Website Weaver, Thesis and Headway. Among all of them, Thesis and Headway is the most popular theme editor in the affiliate marketing community. One reason could be because they are built by internet marketers who are familiar with what affiliate marketers want.

Since this site is built with Headway theme editor so I would like to share with you some of the advantages of using this theme editor.

Why Headway Theme Editor?

About a year ago when I started this site, I wanted to have a unique look and yet flexible enough to change the look as and when I want. I also wanted the ability to shift things around and add things quickly in my site without the need to know too much of CSS or PHP. That was when I found Headway theme and knew instantly it should be the theme editor I wanted due to its robust features.

  1. Real-time Visual Editor
    Headway has a real-time visual editor. This is a great tool for those who want to see changes happen immediately and in real time when you are working on it. For example, if you would like to change the font for the whole site from Arial to Georgia and its background from white to grey. The changes will be reflected immediately with just a few clicks and save. 

  2. In addition, the latest version of Headway makes designing of your site easier with a Quick Start Wizard, it allows you to select a layout to start with and ask for a logo to be added to your site. From the logo, it is able to generate a matching color scheme for your site without you cracking your brain what are the colors to be used for your whole site. Before proceeding with building the site, it also allows you to select which font you want to use for your header and content. Personally, I find this is a super excellent feature as it helps to save tremendous amount of time during the starting phase. By the way, you can always change those setting if you change your mind later.

  3. Drag and Drop Feature
    Sometimes, you may just want to shift the position of certain elements on your page but it can be a nightmare as you need to go into the CSS code to do it. Headway understands newbies’ agonies and has developed a drag and drop feature in its visual editor. It allows you to shift the elements on the page around simply by dragging and dropping. For example, I can shift the sidebar, text around easily and even change their width and height all in real time. What I particular like is the ability to shift the order of the menu easily without the hassle of entering the number in the wordpress editor.
  4. Master Page
    I believe most newbies will face the same problem. You may want certain pages of your site to have the same look and feel while some other pages to have another look and feel. This is possible of creating a master page in Headway. You can create few master pages, each with different layout and then apply the selected master page to those pages or post that you want. I find this is very handy especially when I want to add new item to my pages such as a ad banner, it can instantly apply to all pages without the hassle of adding it one by one. Likewise, if you want to update the layout of the pages, just edit the master page and all the pages will have new layout immediately.
  5. Easy Hooks
    Many times, I heard affiliate marketing newbies asking how to add banner above blog title, below blog post, before comment or above the header or below the footer. This seems simple enough by editing the theme files but the problem is every time you upgrade your theme, it would get overwritten. To solve this problem, Headway has developed an Easy Hooks feature that identified the most common positions in a website that people would like to place their banners, scripts or even customized code. This is definitely a great time saver and less headaches when you upgrade your theme next time.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    You site needs to be optimized if you want it to rank well in search engines. Headway made search engine optimization as part of its robust feature so that you do not need to install additional search engine optimization plugins. What made Headway SEO so robust is it has a live SEO preview. It allows you to enter the Title, Description and Keyword of your blog and allow you to preview them real time on how they are going to appear in search engines.
  7. To further improve your ranking, Headway has an automatic slug cleanup which helps to make your URL more search engine friendly as it will help to get rid of bad words like a, and, the or etc.


Unquestionably, Headway has a lot of robust features that can help affiliate marketing newbies to set up their sites quickly but it could be due to the ease of doing so that many newbies’ expectation started to grow – they want more customization. This results the need of getting into the actual coding like CSS, HTML or PHP which I find Headway lack of such documentation but fortunately their support forum is helpful to achieve what you want.

If you are looking for a software to create your affiliate niche site, why not give Headway a try. They have 30-day money back guaranteed that allow you to try its full features. You might be surprised some of those things you want to change for your site can be easily achievable with Headway.


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This Site is Created Using Headway Theme
Headway Theme is a Wordpress Theme Editor that allows you to build a customized blog or site quickly without the need for designer. You can shift the elements on your blog or site easily and quickly without tweaking the PHP code. It is ideal tool for affiliate beginner who want to create an unique site but do not wish to involve in too much technicality. If you are interested, please click on the banner on the right to get a copy.
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