Where Did I Learn My Affiliate Marketing Skills?

Recently I was being asked many times where did I learn my affiliate marketing skills? Since this question could potential become a frequently asked question, I think it is good to post the answer here.

I knew about affiliate marketing about 5 years ago but never really paid much attention to it until 3 years ago. During that time, I was looking around for email marketing solution on behalf of my client when I stumbled upon my current email service vendor. Coincidentally, they offered affiliate program and I signed up as they said I could get some commission if I referred customers to them. It sounded like a great bonus to me because I was helping my customers and at the same time earning extra cash from it.

Once I benefited from the affiliate program, I started to get serious and wanted to learn more. I wanted to improve my affiliate marketing skills and was excited as there was a lot of free information on affiliate marketing available on the web so I could pick up the skills free! However, things did not go as planned, it was very confusing as many people talked about affiliate marketing in the context of money making. It was easy for newbie to think that affiliate marketing is equivalent to “get rich scheme” so I was kind of misled. The more I read and learned the more extreme I became. I was bouncing around trying different tips and techniques claiming I could make a million and achieve financial freedom in few months but it never happened! The worst thing was I started to neglect my job as I was obsessed with this affiliate marketing making me rich thing!

Major Breakthough

Amid the frustration, confusion and exhaustion, I stumbled upon Rosalind Gardner’s online affiliate marketing course – Affiliate Blogger Pro. Initially I was very doubtful as I had already spending fortune on courses that never work. But I had good impression of Rosalind Gardner as I read her book “Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich before and was following her via her blog. Most importantly, I like her honest and down-to-earth attitude which was not found in other affiliate marketers I knew. Eventually I signed up for her course and so glad that I did as I finally found the missing puzzles that were essential in my learning process. Her course realigned my perspective and put me on the right track and as a result, expedited my learning process. I must say I have picked up the bulk of affiliate marketing skills from her course and I’m still constantly referred to the course materials when doubt arises.

How Affiliate Blogger Pro different from the Rest

Unlike other courses which focused on only traffic generation technique, Rosalind’s Affiliate Blogger Pro course focuses on the holistic aspect of affiliate marketing. It covers from the fundamental of affiliate marketing to building a profitable business. The course is categorized into 10 different modules and designed to help new affiliate marketers to achieve a solid foundation in affiliate marketing. Below is a quick outline on what is covered in Affiliate Blogger Pro.

01: Affiliate Blogging Basics

02: Find Your Niche

03: Setup Your Blog

04: Add Content

05. Add Style & Function

06: Add the MoneyMakers

07: Get Traffic

08: Manage Your Business

09: Grow Your Business

10: Advanced Tips


So if you are looking for a affiliate marketing course, I highly recommend you give Affiliate Blogger Pro a try, it is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing course I have attended so far. I wish this course was available earlier when I first started so that I didn’t have to waste time and energy on irrelevant and low-quality courses.

Please note that Affiliate Blogger Pro has already changed its name to Rosalind Gardner’s Academy. You can visit the membership site here for more information.

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