Why Google AdSense Ads Not Displaying In FeedBurner Feeds?

Adding AdSense ads to your FeedBurner feeds is one of the great ways to optimize your income. However, if the AdSense ads are not displaying in your FeedBurner feeds, it may defeat the purpose of doing so. The most common mistakes made could be either you entered the wrong feed URL or forgot to save the AdSense setting. Another common mistake is you might have checked on the wrong feed URL, it should be your FeedBurner feed URL not your original feed URL.

Here are some of the suggested steps you can take to correct your mistakes.

  1. Check that you are using the correct feed. Some of you might have accidentally burned many feeds while trying. To avoid confusion, the best way is to start from scratch again.
  2. Go to FeedBurner, log into your account and delete away the previous feed that was not showing the AdSense ads
  3. Then log into your Google AdSense account to set a new ads.
  4. Click on the “AdSense Setup” followed by “Get Ads” and “AdSense for Feeds”.
  5. Under the “Custom Channels”, create a new custom channel for your new feed.
  6. Click on “Burn New Feed” to start burning a new FeedBurner feed address.
  7. A pop-up box look like below will prompt you to enter your blog or feed URL
  8. Activate New Feed

  9. Enter your blog or feed URL and follow the instruction to finish the steps.
    Once you have finished the steps, remember to click on the “SAVE” button below to save.
    (Important: If you do not save the setting, you will see the message as below and your AdSense ads will never display on your FeedBurner Feeds so SAVE now.)
  10. Add New Feed in Google Adsense

  11. To confirm that your Adsense ads are working, log into Google Adsense and click on “Adsense Setup” then on “Managed Ads” tab. If it is successfully, you should be able to see the new ad unit with your ad ID# and domain name below it.
  12. Wait for 10 minutes before you check your FeedBurner feed.
  13. Do not be confused with your feed URL. Your FeedBurner feed should look something like (http://feeds.feedburner.com/yourdomaincom) not your original feed URL (http://yourdomain.com/feed/).
  14. If you do not know your FeedBurner feed URL, log into your FeedBurner account and check.

Hope the above helps, please leave a comment if it helps. If not, what are the problems you faced when you are adding AdSense ads into your FeedBurner feeds? Please share.

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